Video content produced for SEO

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Making Videos for SEO

Videos are produced for SEO services. The videos are created very quickly, branded with a logo, uploaded, embedded, shared and seo’d along the way.

Each video is captured with the Samsung Note 4 in 1080 HD mode(not 4k). The entire 30 second clip is captured without editing by pausing the recording before I move to the next shot. After I transfer the video clips to my surface pro 2 I import and begin editing the clips in Adobe Premiere CC. The reason I shot the clips in 1080p and not 4k was because I want to produce, edit and upload, as fast as possible. “Quality Content Fast!” Also the 1080p is stabilized and I’ll use 4k when the inner weebs can support it. So, once the videos are branded with text and logo they are exported and uploaded to Youtube. Each Video being completely filled out and branded with track back links. The videos are then embedded into Websites, Blog and Social posts with corresponding SEO.

Sample of SEO video produced:

Affecting organic rank via keyword targeting campaign

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SEO Keyword Campaign

3 month period

  1. Research, compile, analysis
  2. Content  & keyword strategy creation
  3. Implementation & tracking



Primary keyword rank improved after 2 weeks of campaign implementation


seo keyword ranking tracking

Geo targeted keyword ranking improvement over campaign implementation

SEO Time Frame

9/27/2015 – not in top 100

2 days later

Travel Photography

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Mt. Hood, Oregon10917238_10152642068665458_2413550643951862240_o10644392_10152640800770458_2145596545998328128_o

Responsive website design for Piano Movers of San Antonio


Impromptu Video Production Service

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On a flight from Portland I met Mike, the owner of Riversong Guitars, and was invited out to see a demo of his Canadian handmade guitars the next day.  Here is an impromptu video production promo I captured and created for Mike.

Example of SEO & Content Creation

An example of content creation combined with search engine optimization to gain a favorable search engine ranking result for targeted keyword traffic.

A 2 min video and series of stills were created.

Result of SEO:
Keyword target: “Couture Photography San Antonio”
Content: video and stills
Placement: youtube, website, facebook, google+
Seed time: 3 days
Rank: 1st page of google images & video, 2nd page web organics




Video Stills from BTS Couture Photo Shoot

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Behind the scenes photo shoot of Haute Couture Photographycouture-fashion-photography-san-antonio_02

couture-fashion-photography-san-antonio_03 couture-fashion-photography-san-antonio_04 couture-fashion-photography-san-antonio_05 couture-fashion-photography-san-antonio_06 couture-fashion-photography-san-antonio_07 couture-fashion-photography-san-antonio_08 couture-fashion-photography-san-antonio_09 couture-fashion-photography-san-antonio_10

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Behind the scenes photo shoot of Haute Couture Photography

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Video Production Service:

A behind the scenes look at Haute Couture Photography. We’re on the dream couture set of photographer Staci Gahm. Shooting 5 different girls on 3 various sets at the Silver Spurs Dace halls in Bandera Texas. The Couture shoot took over 8 hours to include professional hair and makeup.