360 Virtual Tour of “Cured” at “The Pearl”


View the interactive virtual tour below:
Click for Virtual Tour – Front of Cured at The Pearl

This is a panorama shot at night capturing 24, 3 second exposures in 2 rows and merged into a single 360 degree shot.

About John Frazee


For 15 years I’ve personally provided the following services too small & corporate businesses:

  • internet branding
  • domain name management
  • website hosting
  • custom website design
  • custom seo & sem
  • targeted keyword campaigns
  • pay per click ad campaigns
  • Social content & marketing
  • logo and graphic design
  • professional photography
  • panoramic photography
  • corporate photography
  • commercial photography
  • food photography
  • audio recording and editing
  • professional video production
  • 4k video,  time lapse video

All of these services are combined to create a Premium Internet Marketing and Advertising.

I’ve personally provided all services. Face to Face. No Outsourcing.

Web + Photo + Video + Search
San Antonio, TX.


Targeting Legal Keywords for Bankruptcy Search



Keyword Ranking Report:

Targeting keywords for legal or law firms in this case bankruptcy. The rank number is the position on a page. In this case my client is on the first page of Google for his top target keywords.

using seo to target legal or law keywords or lawyers

SEO and it’s implementation is unique and varies to the persons knowledge and application. As web developers we obey the rules of the search engine that does not tell us what to do, only what not to do.

Ranking well on all search engines requires a unique insight in how search engines work. I personally use a combination of web pages, text, photos, videos, social pages, map and directory listings, blog posts, video channels, along with many more avenues to create a…. web… of your brand.

“How many clients would you like?”

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(210) 570-6901
(text msg  – 24/7 )

Example of SEO & Content Creation

An example of content creation combined with search engine optimization to gain a favorable search engine ranking result for targeted keyword traffic.

A 2 min video and series of stills were created.

Result of SEO:
Keyword target: “Couture Photography San Antonio”
Content: video and stills
Placement: youtube, website, facebook, google+
Seed time: 3 days
Rank: 1st page of google images & video, 2nd page web organics