Content Creation

Affecting organic rank via keyword targeting campaign

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SEO Keyword Campaign

3 month period

  1. Research, compile, analysis
  2. Content  & keyword strategy creation
  3. Implementation & tracking



Primary keyword rank improved after 2 weeks of campaign implementation


seo keyword ranking tracking

Geo targeted keyword ranking improvement over campaign implementation

SEO Time Frame

9/27/2015 – not in top 100

2 days later

Impromptu Video Production Service

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On a flight from Portland I met Mike, the owner of Riversong Guitars, and was invited out to see a demo of his Canadian handmade guitars the next day.  Here is an impromptu video production promo I captured and created for Mike.

Example of SEO & Content Creation

An example of content creation combined with search engine optimization to gain a favorable search engine ranking result for targeted keyword traffic.

A 2 min video and series of stills were created.

Result of SEO:
Keyword target: “Couture Photography San Antonio”
Content: video and stills
Placement: youtube, website, facebook, google+
Seed time: 3 days
Rank: 1st page of google images & video, 2nd page web organics